10 Interesting Facts about Canada

Here are  10 Interesting Facts about Canada: Number 1 the national holiday is called canada day and is celebrated on 1st of july. Number 2 canada has the longest coastline in the world at 243 000 kilometers along the shores of 52 455 islands canada boasts of the longest coastline in the world. Number 3 there are millions of lakes in canada canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. Number 4 there are more than 2 800 hockey rinks in canada however almost twice as many kids under 14 years play soccer than hockey. Number 5 mount logan in yukon is canada's tallest mountain it is 5995 metres high. Number 6 toronto is canada's largest metropoli with over six million people montreal canada's second largest city with over four million inhabitants. Number 7 canada has six times more oil than russia. Number 8 canada is the world leader in uranium mining uranium is used in nuclear power plants for producing electricity. Number 9 canada's national pa

10 Interesting Facts about United States of America

Number 1 the united states has maintained its position of being the world's largest economy since 1871. the economy is so large that the u.s is often noted as an economic superpower and this is due to the fact that it makes up almost a quarter of the global economy. Number 2 the bourbon industry is growing at a fast pace this is great news for kentucky as they produce 96 of the world's bourbon due to the high demand kentucky stores about 4.7 million barrels filled with bourbon surprisingly the number of barrels outweighs the population of kentucky as there are 4.3 million residents. Number 3 the united states of america is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and is the third largest country in the world by landmass nearly as big as the entire continent of europe the population in 2001 is estimated to be 330 million. Number 4 the statue of liberty is 93 meters tall and was a gift from the people of france to the united states in 1886 possibly the most iconic symbol

10 Interesting Facts about Sweden

Number 1 Sweden is the birthplace of many successful companies according to British Wired magazine Sweden has the most digitally connected economy in the world a few examples of these companies are IKEA H&M spoke to Phi and Skype. Number 2 Sweden is one of the most internet active countries in the world in fact 94% of Sweden's population uses the internet regularly that means that Sweden is fourth in the world only beaten by Norway Iceland and the Falkland Islands. Number 3 the Sami people are indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of far northern Norway Sweden Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia there are approximately 2,000 Sami living in Sweden. Number 4 there is a town in Japan called Sweden hills and as the name suggests it looks exactly like a regular Swedish neighborhood the idea began when a Swedish ambassador visited the village and remarked how similar it was to his native Sweden. Number 5 Sweden's national animal is the moose there are approxim

Interesting Facts About New Zealand Part 3

  Let's get all the numbers out of the way because one thing that I want to definitely touch on right now is the people known as the Maori these guys are awesome now for a New Zealand they have approximately three official languages with the Maori language being the second official language being spoken by three point seven percent of the population and overall the entire population of the Maori make up about fourteen point nine percent of the population being the second largest ethnic group in all of New Zealand now who are the Maori people well they're the indigenous people that lived in New Zealand before us white guys came over and well took everything because that's what we do now as for the Maori people it is believed that they inhabited the region when coming over in canoes from Eastern Polynesia in 1250 to 300 AD and it's really nuts guys. I mean like I just wanted to touch on these guys because you know the Maori people they got such an amazing endive like th

Interesting Facts About New Zealand Part 2

  First of all the type of government New Zealand has is considered a unitary parliamentary with what I call a dash of constitutional monarchy as it is part of the Commonwealth in some sort of sense because you know New Zealand just like Canada and Australia have attaches to the United Kingdom it's just the way it is but one of the coolest facts about its government is not what its government is but who's ruling the country because currently the prime minister of New Zealand is Jacinda R Dern who took office on March 7th 2017 and just so you guys know she is the youngest female head of government in the entire world as she took her position at the age of 37 now don't quote me on this guys because I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure she has the record of being the youngest woman to ever in history pretty much be in control of a country and that is not including people of royalty because she's not silver spoon you know what I mean and diving a little deeper into this

Interensting Facts About New Zealand Part 1

  New Zealand is known as an island country which is located in the South Pacific right southeast of Australia and ism in fact it's actually one of the countries that is considered the closest to the Antarctic shelf and New Zealand actually has a lot of things going for it first of all its indigenous people are really famous throughout the world also it had the first person to ever climb Everest and of course other things it's famous for is like surfing skydiving bungee jumping and basically anything outdoors because this is like the outdoor country of the world at least that's what I think. Now if we're to look at some straight facts of New Zealand let's look at its capital and first of all its capital is Wellington which is the second most populous urban city in all of the country sitting right on the shore of the Cook Strait which separates New Zealand's main islands known as the North Island and South Island which actually the North Island is the 14th larg

10 Interesting Facts about Australia

1. Kangaroo and emu are used in several government logos both kangaroos and emus lack the ability to walk backwards for this reason the australian army features the animals on their uniforms. 2. Australia has a high life expectancy  women in australia can expect to live an average of 85.4 years and men can expect to live 81.6 years this averages out to a life expectancy of 83.496 years for australia. 3. Australia is the only continent in the world without an active volcano  even without an active volcano australia still has other threats because it is inhabited by many species of poisonous snakes and spiders. 4. Australia has a huge wine round australia is not the first country that springs to mind when you're looking to explore lush wine lands yet the country boasts over 60 separate wine growing regions. 5. The sydney opera house took 14 years to build  the sydney opera house gets 10.9 million visitors every year builders expected the construction of the sydney opera house

Inilah 5 Sumber Kekayaan Lesti Kejora dan Rizky Billar

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