10 Interesting Facts about Canada

Here are 10 Interesting Facts about Canada:

Number 1 the national holiday is called canada day and is celebrated on 1st of july.

Number 2 canada has the longest coastline in the world at 243 000 kilometers along the shores of 52 455 islands canada boasts of the longest coastline in the world.

Number 3 there are millions of lakes in canada canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.

Number 4 there are more than 2 800 hockey rinks in canada however almost twice as many kids under 14 years play soccer than hockey.

Number 5 mount logan in yukon is canada's tallest mountain it is 5995 metres high.

Number 6 toronto is canada's largest metropoli with over six million people montreal canada's second largest city with over four million inhabitants.

Number 7 canada has six times more oil than russia.

Number 8 canada is the world leader in uranium mining uranium is used in nuclear power plants for producing electricity.

Number 9 canada's national parks are bigger than most countries canada is so vast even the national parks dwarf other countries.

Number 10 about half of canada's land mass is covered by forest there are about 180 tree species in canada.



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