10 Interesting Facts about Sweden

Number 1 Sweden is the birthplace of many successful companies according to British Wired magazine Sweden has the most digitally connected economy in the world a few examples of these companies are IKEA H&M spoke to Phi and Skype.

Number 2 Sweden is one of the most internet active countries in the world in fact 94% of Sweden's population uses the internet regularly that means that Sweden is fourth in the world only beaten by Norway Iceland and the Falkland Islands.

Number 3 the Sami people are indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of far northern Norway Sweden Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia there are approximately 2,000 Sami living in Sweden.

Number 4 there is a town in Japan called Sweden hills and as the name suggests it looks exactly like a regular Swedish neighborhood the idea began when a Swedish ambassador visited the village and remarked how similar it was to his native Sweden.

Number 5 Sweden's national animal is the moose there are approximately 350,000 moose in Sweden if a moose feels cornered it sometimes lowers its head and rushes towards people every year there are approximately 6,000 road accidents involving moose each year about 100,000 moose are killed during hunting season in Sweden.

Number 6 the Swedish law Almond written gives everyone the right to access walk camp and pick berries and mushrooms on any land you also can swim and catch fishes in all the lakes.

Number 7 sis temple argot is the only retail store in Sweden that is allowed to sell alcoholic beverages with more than 3.5% of alcohol also you have to be twenty years old or older to be able to buy any kind of a coholic drinks in those stalls.

Number 8 in Sweden high school students that are under 20 years old get paid 1050 Swedish crowns a month just to go to school it's called still UD be dragged and helps the students to get a feeling for the money.

Number 9 another very Swedish thing is snooze snooze is a moist powder tobacco product which is placed under the upper lip there are two types of snooze loose snooze and portion snooze.

Number 10 the ice hotel is a hotel built with snow and ice in the village of jerkies juvey in northern sweden and it is the world's first tights hotel after its first opening in 1990 the hotel has been built each year and is opened from December to April.



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