10 Interesting Facts about United States of America

Number 1 the united states has maintained its position of being the world's largest economy since 1871. the economy is so large that the u.s is often noted as an economic superpower and this is due to the fact that it makes up almost a quarter of the global economy.

Number 2 the bourbon industry is growing at a fast pace this is great news for kentucky as they produce 96 of the world's bourbon due to the high demand kentucky stores about 4.7 million barrels filled with bourbon surprisingly the number of barrels outweighs the population of kentucky as there are 4.3 million residents.

Number 3 the united states of america is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and is the third largest country in the world by landmass nearly as big as the entire continent of europe the population in 2001 is estimated to be 330 million.

Number 4 the statue of liberty is 93 meters tall and was a gift from the people of france to the united states in 1886 possibly the most iconic symbol of the united states.

Number 5 the great lakes lake superior michigan euron erie and ontario make up 21 of the planet's surface fresh water the largest of these lake superior contains enough water to cover all of north and south america in 30 centimeters of water.

Number 6 the gateway arch also known as the gateway to the west is a monument in st louis missouri and sits along the west bank of the mississippi river at 192 meters 630 feet tall the gateway arch claims the title as the tallest man-made monument in the united states.

Number 7 since the office was established in 1789 45 people have served in 46 presidencies four of them were assassinated the first president was george washington and the current one is joe biden.

Number 8 yellowstone national park on march 1 1872 yellowstone became the world's first national park there are more than 10 000 hydrothermal features in yellowstone the four types of thermal features are geysers hot springs mud pots and fumaroles.

Number 9 russia sold alaska to the united states for two cents per acre the largest state in the nation by far is alaska and it came up cheap at just 7.2 million total in just 50 years following the purchase america made their money back more than 100 times over.

Number 10 more people live in new york city than in 40 out of 50 states new york may be geographically tiny but it's home to 8.5 million people and growing that's more bodies crammed into one location than the whole wide countryside including 40 other states.



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