Interensting Facts About New Zealand Part 1

 New Zealand is known as an island country which is located in the South Pacific right southeast of Australia and ism in fact it's actually one of the countries that is considered the closest to the Antarctic shelf and New Zealand actually has a lot of things going for it first of all its indigenous people are really famous throughout the world also it had the first person to ever climb Everest and of course other things it's famous for is like surfing skydiving bungee jumping and basically anything outdoors because this is like the outdoor country of the world at least that's what I think.

Now if we're to look at some straight facts of New Zealand let's look at its capital and first of all its capital is Wellington which is the second most populous urban city in all of the country sitting right on the shore of the Cook Strait which separates New Zealand's main islands known as the North Island and South Island which actually the North Island is the 14th largest island in the entire world with the most population in New Zealand and the South Island the one with lesser population is actually the 12th largest island in the entire world now the reason Wellington sits on a thing called the Cook Strait is because James Cook actually travelled through this Strait back in 1770 and therefore it was named after him but as for Wellington it's been the capital of the country since 1856 and as for New Zealand it actually had two prior capitals being old Russell which was the first one in 1840 to 1841 which at the time was a very small settlement and it only was capital for a small time until it moved to Auckland in 1841 and one interesting fact about old Russell is that the capital building and many other buildings were actually burned to the ground after the move basically leaving the whole town deserted I think that's really cool.

But now let's jump into New Zealand as a whole and get a greater picture of how this country actually operates first of all it has a 2017 population estimate of four million eight hundred and eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty people now like I said that is a 2017 estimate because they haven't done a census since 2013 and at that time the country had approximately 4.2 million people but either way as of its 2017 estimate it ranks 120th in the world for being the most populous country now as for its rank its density sits at 203 with a population density of seventeen point nine people per square kilometre and of course all these people are stretched across a land size of two hundred sixty eight thousand twenty one kilometers square and actually.

One thing and I don't know if a lot of people do really look at New Zealand and notice this but to me if you would actually combine the islands it actually looks like an upside-down boot I actually sometimes just considered New Zealand the reverse or the bizarro version of Italy but either way this reverse Italy sits at 75th when it comes to its land size and the country has approximately 1.6 percent of water now one thing that I really kind of despise talking about when we look at countries is government because well government can be a very sort of like if you think for some people but there are some really cool facts about the New Zealand government so I was like okay we gotta mention it.



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