Interesting Facts About New Zealand Part 2

 First of all the type of government New Zealand has is considered a unitary parliamentary with what I call a dash of constitutional monarchy as it is part of the Commonwealth in some sort of sense because you know New Zealand just like Canada and Australia have attaches to the United Kingdom it's just the way it is but one of the coolest facts about its government is not what its government is but who's ruling the country because currently the prime minister of New Zealand is Jacinda R Dern who took office on March 7th 2017 and just so you guys know she is the youngest female head of government in the entire world as she took her position at the age of 37 now don't quote me on this guys because I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure she has the record of being the youngest woman to ever in history pretty much be in control of a country and that is not including people of royalty because she's not silver spoon you know what I mean and diving a little deeper into this country.

We should look at its money now first of all it has a GDP of 215 point 1 billion dollars with a GDP per capita of 44,000 $69 now of this their exports sit at approximately 35 point eight billion dollars which have them ranked 54th in the world and of that their biggest exports are concentrated milk at 13 percent go figure frozen bovine meat at five point nine sheep and goat meat at six point three on top of that they have other things like butter wine cheese and you name it they are known for our culture and one of the most mind-blowing facts that I found out about New Zealand when it comes to their exports is that they they eight largest producers of milk in the entire world I didn't know that as a matter of fact they provide approximately 2.2 percent of the world's milk with approximately 4.2 million milking cows within the country and 5.25 dairy calves don't ask me what the differences between a dairy and milk cow.

I have no idea and going even further into this dairy sector they have approximately twelve thousand seven hundred and eighty six dairy farms and that was a number that was given from 2005 so well it's like 2018 now so they gotta have more than that mm-hmm and for all those who do show care and concern for these cows it should be noted that the livestock are actually generally grass-fed and on top of that there's approximately thirty eight point five million sheep in the country that is more than the City of Toronto when it comes to people now to finish off with the exports and imports let's look at imports as they import approximately thirty five point seven billion dollars ranking 57th in the world and of that their biggest imports are cars at eight point two percent and crude petroleum being five point eight percent and refined petroleum being three point four on top of that there's also computers other equipment and phones and things of that nature so alright.



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