Interesting Facts About New Zealand Part 3

 Let's get all the numbers out of the way because one thing that I want to definitely touch on right now is the people known as the Maori these guys are awesome now for a New Zealand they have approximately three official languages with the Maori language being the second official language being spoken by three point seven percent of the population and overall the entire population of the Maori make up about fourteen point nine percent of the population being the second largest ethnic group in all of New Zealand now who are the Maori people well they're the indigenous people that lived in New Zealand before us white guys came over and well took everything because that's what we do now as for the Maori people it is believed that they inhabited the region when coming over in canoes from Eastern Polynesia in 1250 to 300 AD and it's really nuts guys.

I mean like I just wanted to touch on these guys because you know the Maori people they got such an amazing endive like they even have a warrior culture to them which is really fantastic and I just I feel like that could just be done in another video so because it's just it's so impressive but they are awesome and one thing that New Zealand is huge on is preservation as the people of New Zealand are known to be big outdoors people and actually keep an eye on their environment very closely.

And for this reason that New Zealand actually has a three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and these World Heritage Sites are the sub Atlantic islands the Tongo REO National Park and tiwa he pony moose Southwest New Zealand and guys if I mispronounced any of those I'm not gonna lie that's the first time I've ever took a whack at those things and I tried to fun some pronunciation things online and that was not easy which actually by the way Tiwa he pony mu is considered the land of the greenstone in maori and this particular location stretches over two million six hundred thousand hectares and within this particular region it actually has four national parks it's nuts and these national parks are Mount Cook mount aspiring Westland National Park and floored land National Park as well and as for fiordland national park it's one of the biggest ones in all of New Zealand and as a matter of fact this one was originally inscribed as UNESCO zone until 1986 until 1990 when they all merged together creating one big giant location of course it's a very touristy place being the most popular national park for its international tourists with over half a million people visiting this place a year also side note the movie alien covenant actually shot some scenes at this park as well and considering we even mentioned Mount Cook we should also mention the fact that Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in all of New Zealand coming in at a height of twelve thousand two hundred and eighteen feet tall and as well if we're going to talk about mountains we should also talk about volcanoes because whoa New Zealand has a lot of them either currently active dormant or extinct or ancient above-ground or underwater

New Zealand is known to have at least eighty three known volcanoes and of this the largest volcano that is currently active in New Zealand is Mount Ruapehu which is actually located in the info miss typo volcanic zone either way guys that is just a brief look at New Zealand and some of the great things that it has to offer and I'm not gonna lie guys I know we missed a lot of really cool facts here when it comes to New Zealand we didn't even dive into culture really all that much but there's just so much to talk about this country 



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